Getting into Padstow & Wadebridge without a car?


Here at The Laurels we often get asked is it possible to get into Padstow & Wadebridge without a car?

The answer is most definitely YES

Whether you are a cycling enthusiast, love a good walk, like to catch the bus or prefer the convenience of a taxi there's options for everyone.

Take a look at the map below that we've put together that shows you the 2 different routes (shown in purple) of how to walk or cycle from The Laurels down to The Camel Trail and then into either Padstow or Wadebridge.

Note one route takes you via a bridle path behind the site which means you don't have to cross any main roads HOWEVER if there has been any rain recently this can become VERY BOGGY!

The other route you have to cross over the main road at the front of the site but then walk / cycle down the country lanes - this is the best way if you don't want to get muddy.

You'll also pass The Quarryman Inn, a lovely dog friendly pub perfect for a cheeky pint on the way home.

Distances to:

The Quarryman Inn 1.3 miles
Access to The Camel Trail 2 miles
Padstow (Lobster Hatchery) 5.5 miles
Wadebridge (Lidl) 3.75 miles

Bus Information

You can catch the bus into Padstow and Wadebridge from right outside our entrance.

It’s the Plymouth city blue flash service, number 11A and normally passes our door once an hour from about 7am – 7pm (ish) please click on the link below for an up to date timetable. Or just pop into google ‘Plymouth city bus 11A’

When looking at your timetable our stop ‘Hals Grave’ is not shown but it’s in-between ‘St Issey Ring O Bells’ and ‘Wadebridge Showground’

When waiting for the bus into Wadebridge please wait in the layby at our entrance.

When waiting for the bus into Padstow please cross the road at our entrance and wait on the grass verge to flag the bus down once it has pulled off the main A39

Local Taxis

If you prefer to get a taxi click on the button below for a list of local taxi numbers that you can print off.

Please note if you know you need a taxi on a certain evening I would book well in advance (also book your return) as they get very full very quickly during peak times.