Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a few Q&As that we hope you will find useful.

If you have any other questions that are not answered here please get in touch.

Top 10

Why should I book direct instead of via a 3rd party website?

There are a number of reasons why booking with us through our own website or over the phone is better for you as a customer and also for us as a small family business.

  • Accurate Descriptions - We don't have 100% control over all the information on some 3rd party booking websites. Details and descriptions aren't always written in a way that we want and therefore sometime vital information can be missed. Our own website has much more detail about pitch descriptions, sizes and what size units can fit on each pitch. Our booking system is also a little more clever and will only show you availability of pitches that your unit will fit on (as long as you select the right unit from the dropdown list). If you make an error and book a pitch via a 3rd party website that is not suitable for the size of your tent / motorhome or caravan we would have to cancel your booking and as the deposit paid is kept by the booking website as their commission we are not able to refund this.
  • Allocation - We don't give our full allocation of available pitches to 3rd party booking pages due to the risk of duplicate bookings so sometimes their websites will show us being fully booked when we do still have pitches available.
  • Duplicate bookings can still sometimes happen - there is up to a 15 minute delay between a booking being made on a 3rd party website and it being imported onto our booking system. Occasionally when it is the last available pitch for a certain date someone can book direct on our own website at the same time as via a 3rd party website. If this happens the direct booking will take priority and bookings via 3rd party websites will be cancelled.
  • Pitch requests - although we never guarantee any pitch requests we do prioritise request made by those who book direct over those made on other websites.
  • Admin fees for date changes - if you accidentally book the wrong date we give a 7 day grace period for date changes to bookings made direct, after this our standard £25 admin fee is applicable. However changes to dates for bookings made via 3rd party websites would have to pay the £25 admin fee from day 1 of booking.
  • Price - Not many people realise that 3rd party booking websites charge us as a campsite a commission of up to 15% of your booking total. So even though the price looks the same to you, we as a small family business lose 15% of that income. To encourrage more of you to book with us direct we now offer a small discount on bookings made online via our own website when you use the discount code #BOOK-DIRECT

Can I get onto The Camel Trail from the campsite without walking / cycling down the main road?


Take a look at the map below that we've put together that shows you how to walk or cycle from The Laurels down to The Camel Trail and then into either Padstow or Wadebridge. This is the safest route to avoid the main A39 via the bridle path from our entrance and then down country lanes.

Please note at times the lane can get muddy if at the start & end of season if we have had alot of rain. If the lane is too wet to use then you can still access the camel trail by crossing over the A39 out the front and following the opposite triangle route via the country lanes and crossing back over the A39 down towards the Quarryman Inn & Camel Trail. Distance is roughly the same for either route.

You'll also pass The Quarryman Inn, a lovely dog friendly pub perfect for a cheeky pint on the way home.

Distances to:

The Quarryman Inn 1.3 miles
Access to The Camel Trail 2 miles
Padstow (end of the trail) 5.5 miles
Padstow (Harbour) 6 miles
Wadebridge (Lidl) 3.75 miles

Where is your closest beach?

Trevone bay is our closest beach at 6.3miles - about 15 minutes in the car.

But there are loads of fantastic sandy beaches within easy reach of The Laurels, in fact we have 12 within a 10 mile radius!

The famous '7 bays for 7 days' are all 6-8 miles drive from us

  • Trevone Bay - 6.3 miles
  • Harlyn Bay - 6.7 miles 
  • Mother Ivy's Bay - 8 miles
  • Booby's Bay - 8 miles
  • Constantine Bay - 8 miles
  • Treyarnon Bay - 8 miles
  • Porthcothan Bay - 7.9 miles

 CLICK HERE for more information and a map of all our local beaches including which ones are dog friendly and which ones have lifeguards.

Can we have a BBQ or fire pit?


We allow BBQs and fire pits throughout the park.

For BBQs if they are low to the ground / disposible please make sure you use the blocks provided so the grass doesn't get burnt.

Fire pits can be rented from us or you can bring your own. For more information on fire pit rental CLICK HERE

We also keep a stock of logs, kindling, firelighters and matches available to purchase should you need them.

If you are bringing you own there are a few rules you must follow:

  • We can only allow fully self contained fire pits on legs (they must catch / contain all hot ash).
  • Please also use the bricks provided at the toilet block underneath the fire pit to create a barrier from the heat and the grass otherwise we get scorch marks.
  • You MUST have a red fire bucket filled with water & visible AT ALL TIMES, if you don’t have one you can borrow one from us for £2.
  • All fire pits must be a safe distance from yours and other peoples tents / awnings. Don’t overload with wood and create big & dangerous fires and be aware of wind direction. If we think your fire is in a dangerous position or out of control we will come and put it out.
  • All fires must be put out before bed.
  • No hot ash in the bins.


Do you have WIFI?


We offer a FREE wifi service on site. However certain factors out of our control may affect signal strength and consistency so you wont get the same speed as you do in your own home.

Volume of traffic - we have one wifi for our campsite & cottages and even though we have a good overall download speed we have to limit the download speed per device connected so that there is enough internet for everyone.

Our campsite wifi is therefore intended for emails and general web browsing only and not streaming videos.

We recommend downloading any content / videos before you come away so you can watch them uninterrupted offline whilst staying with us.

Do you have any fully serviced caravan / motorhome pitches?


At this time we do not have any fully serviced pitches.

All of our gold pitches come with electric, we than have 2 shared points on site where you can fill up fresh water and dispose of your grey waste so make sure you bring your water & waste containers.

For motorhomes we do have a water point that you can drive up next to in order to fill up your on board fresh water tank and also a drive over grate for disposal of grey waste.

Our elsan point is located at the toilet block for disposal of your toilet / black waste.

Can we book as a group of friends / family?

Yes and No

This one isn't a simple questions to answer and anyone travelling as a group must contact us first before making a booking or their bookings may be cancelled.

A group booking by our definition is more then one pitch travelling together OR multiple adults from different families staying on one pitch.

As a general rule we rarely allow more than 2 pitches travelling together to book at the same time unless you are previous customers. And we never allow stag / hen parties.

The reason we ask for contact before booking is due to some unfortunate circumstances in the past where group bookings have been distuptive in the evenings for other guests staying with us. We do realise that single pitch families can also be disruptive but from our experience the most discruption comes from those who don't normally live together at home.

We are primarily a family campsite and want to make sure that those families with children enjoy their holiday with us. We therefore ask that music is turned off and general noise reduced from 10pm. We also ask that when the play park closes at 9pm children go back to their own pitches instead of running around the site late in the evening.

We do however want to make it clear that we do not tell people that they have to go to bed at 10pm, just that you are conscious of how much noise you are making when your neighbours could be in bed already, after all tent walls are VERY thin.

We totally understand that this is your holiday and dont really like to patrol the campsite telling guests what they can and cannot do so have found that its much easier to have this conversation before people book - therefore if you are the type of group that enjoys staying up late, having a few drinks whilst listening to music and allowing your children run around the campsite past 9pm playing manhunt etc then you might be more suited to another campsite.

Can I reserve a particular pitch?

No, but .......

If you have stayed with us previously and would like to request a pitch / certain area of the campsite then we would do our best to accommodate this if possible but we never make any guarantees for a numer of reasons:

  • Operational needs of the campsite come first and as we do not specify that everyone has to arrive / depart on the same day of the week so we do have to move bookings around within the same pitch type to butt up arrival and departure dates to free up pitches for other bookings.
  • If someone else who booked further in advance has already made the same request then their request will take priority (unless they booked via a 3rd party booking website as we prioritise requests made via direct bookings over 3rd party bookings. Another reason why it's always best to #BOOK-DIRECT).
  • Seasonal pitches - half of our pitches are taken by seasonal pitch holders therefore sometimes you could request a pitch that may be allocated to a seasonal and then not available for holiday bookings.

You need to be 100% happy that you may not be allocated your requested pitch before making a booking with us.

Can I bring more than one car?

Yes, but .........

Only our gold large grass pitches are suitable for 2 vehicles so if you have a second car you must book one of these pitches.

If you book a smaller pitch and turn up with 2 cars we do not have anywhere else on site to park second vehicles so you may have to find a space in one of the car parks in Wadebridge to park it for the duration of your holiday.


Will I hear the traffic noise from the main road?


We have never hidden our location and the fact that the A39 runs adjacent to the campsite and you will hear road noise when staying with us whatever pitch you are allocated.

The more important question is will this affect my stay?

This is not something we can answer as it depends on your personal requirements.

We have huge number's of returning customers who are not affected by the noise of the road and would never stay anywhere else in Cornwall.

Our location next to the main road can be a massive plus for those who do not want to drive their motorhome or tow their caravans down narrow country lanes. It also makes day trips to other parts of Cornwall much easier and quicker.

We do understand that for some people the road noise may be too much, especially if you live in the middle of nowhere and are not used to hearing any noise at night or are a light sleeper. The road does quieten down overnight but i would never say that you aren't going to hear it. A good pair of earplugs could be the solution for this.......

You therefore must be 100% happy with our location before making a booking.

about our Campsite

Can I bring my dog on holiday?


We are a dog friendly campsite.

We generally allow maximum 2 dogs per pitch however occasionally we may allow more depending on the time of year you want to come away so please get in touch via our contact us page to double check if you have more than 2 dogs.

We do ask that dogs are kept on a lead or tether at all times around the campsite and on your pitch for the following reasons:

  • Even if you have a very well behaved / non reactive dog if they are off lead and innocently wander up to another dog on a lead / tether that other dog may not react so well having another dog enter their space.
  • Some children (and adults) are afraid of dogs - no matter how big or small and would not like a strangers dog coming up to them.
  • Wandering dogs tend to go to the toilet without their owners noticing.

We have a small enlosed area on the campsite where you can let your four legged friend off their lead to have a sniff about, go to the toilet and have a play with any other doggy friends they may meet on the campsite.

Please note that our doggy area is not a large area intended for exercise - there are a number of beaches in the area where you can take your dog for a good amount of daily exercise. Take a look at our dog friendly beach guide here.

What are the campsite check in / check out times?

 Bell Tent Hire

Check in - 3pm (last arrivals 8pm)

Check out - 11am


Touring & Camping

Check in - 1pm (last arrivals 8pm)

Check out - 11am

Do you have on site entertainment?


We are a very small family campsite and the only 'facilities' that we have to offer is a childrens play park which has a trampoline, sand pit, swings, climbing frame and ball games area with goal. This area is open from 9am - 9pm daily.

Do you have a shop?


As we are so close to a number of supermarkets we do not have an on site shop available.

We do however keep a few 'essential' items for sale like: Gas, logs, kindling, firelights and matches for fire pits (which you can rent from us too) & hard ground pegs if you forgot to bring your own.

Below is a list of our local shops and their distance to drive to from The Laurels.

M&S food - 1.4 miles (located at the BP garage and therefore open 24hrs - even on Sunday's)

Aldi - 1.6 miles

B&M - 1.6 miles

Tesco - 1.7 miles

Lidl - 2.5 miles

Co-op - 2.9 miles

Do you have any food vans visit during the summer?


Unfortunately as we are such a small campsite the food vans wouldn't get enough business' from us so they understandably prioritise visiting larger campsites.

Do you have a motorhome service point?


We do have a water point that you can drive up next to in order to fill up your on board fresh water tank and also a drive over grate for disposal of grey waste.

Our elsan point is located at the toilet block for disposal of your toilet / black waste.

Is there somewhere I can charge my devices if I book a non-electric pitch?


If you need electric whilst staying with us you must book one of our Gold electric pitches or use solar powered chargers.


Do you allow generators?


Generators are prohibited at all times. If you need electric whilst staying with us you must book one of our Gold electric pitches or use solar powered chargers.


Do you have laundry facilities?


We have a coin operated large washing machine and tumble dryer available in our launderette, also large sinks with free hot water if you want to hand wash and outside rotary lines for communal use.

We also have a dedicated wetsuit dunk tank and undercover drying area for all of your sandy beach items that just need a quick rinse in fresh water rather then a full wash. Using the dunk tank instead of washing these items in our showers helps to stop our drains getting blocked up with sand.


Do you have a freezer for my ice blocks?


We have a free communal freezer located in our launderette. Please note we cannot guarantee space & all items are left at your own risk, we recommend you label everything with your name and pitch number. Anything not labelled will be disposed of.


Do you have EV charging available?


Unfortunately we do not have an EV charging point and you are prohibited from charging any electric vehicles on the campsite or from the cottages and will be fined if caught doing so.

There are fast charging points locally - the closest being located at the BP garage 1.4miles from The Laurels


Do you have disabled / accessible facilities?


Unfortunately at the moment we do not have any accessible facilities and both the mens, ladies and unisex toilet / shower all have a step up into them.


Do I have to pay for the showers at the holiday park?


There is no charge to use the showers or toilets, they are included in the price of the pitch while you holiday with us.


Can I park next to my tent / caravan?


We don't have an additional car park so all vehicles must be parked on pitches.

Can I leave my caravan with you long term?


We offer seasonal touring pitches for holiday use only.

You can view full details inc prices HERE

At the moment all of our seasonal pitches are fully booked and we have an ongoing waiting list.

If you think you may want a seasonal pitch with us in the future its a good idea to get your name on the waiting list as soon as possible. Pitches only become available when current seasonal's leave so sometimes it may take a couple of years of being on the waiting list before you get offered a place with us.


About our Cottages

Do your cottages have WIFI?


All of our cottages have free wifi. However certain factors out of our control may affect signal strength and consistency so you wont get the same speed as you do in your own home.

Volume of traffic - we have one wifi for our campsite & cottages and even though we have a good overall download speed we have to limit the download speed per device connected so that there is enough internet for everyone.

Our cottages have a different login to the campsite and have a slightly higher download speed to allow streaming content on our smart TV's but you will likely notice a slower overall connection when using your own devices compared to your home wifi. We haven't experienced any issues with content streamed on our smart TV's.

If there is particular contect on your devices that you need whilst you are away with us (like childrens shows) we do recommend downloading these before you come away so you can watch them uninterrupted offline whilst staying with us.

Are your cottages dog friendly?

Yes (one of them is)

Our Farmhouse Cottage accepts 2 well behaved dogs.

We do ask that you contact us first before booking with dogs just so we can make sure you are in agreement with a few standard dog related T&C's (like cleaning up after them in the garden, and not leaving them alone in the property whilst you go out).

What are the cottage check in / check out times?

4pm / 10am

Our cottage guests can arrive from 4pm.

Accommodations must be fully departed by 10am.

making a Booking

Do I need to book in advance?

No, but .......

We do allow drop ins and last minute bookings but we recommend booking in advance. Even outside of the school holidays we are very busy with those travelling without children and generally get booked up well in advance.

Some dates like The Royal Cornwall Show for example, we get the majoirty of our bookings up to 12 months in advance. Many of our regular customers who come to the show every year book for the following year before they go home.

Can I book for 1 night only?


There are only a couple of times a year that we have a minimum night booking requirement, outside of these you can stay for as little or as long as you like arriving on any day of the week.

Minimum stay requirements:

  • The Royal Cornwall Show - Each year we have a minimum 4 night stay covering the dates of The Royal Cornwall Show (usually the 2nd weekend in June).
  • Whitsun / Spring bank holiday half term week - we have a minimum 7 night stay covering the half term week at the end of May.

Occasionally if all of our pitches have not been booked  when it gets close to the arrival date we will remove the minimum stay requirement and allow shorter stays.

Can I book over the phone?


    Our online booking process is very easy but if you prefer to talk to someone over the phone just give us a call on 01208 813341.

    If we don't answer it may be that we are in the middle of cleaning the loos, mowing the grass or on another call so please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Can I pre book a late departure on my last day?


    We do not allow late departures to be pre booked at any time of year.

    We can only accommodate a late departure if your pitch does not have an arrival on the day you leave.

    This is something you can only arrange with us on the morning of your departure.

    The only way you can guarantee being able to leave later in the day is to book an additional night, you can then pack up and leave at your leisure in the afternoon / evening.

    Can I change my holiday dates?

    Yes and No

      It depends how close your holiday arrival date is.

      If you want to change your holiday dates at a point where you have only paid a deposit we can accommodate the change if we have availability and our standard admin fee for a date change is £25 for the campsite and £35 for cottages.

      Bookings made direct via our own website we allow a 7 day grace period from the date of booking (as long as your arrival is more less than 4 weeks away for the campsite and 8 weeks away for the cottages) to make any date changes free of charge.

      If you want to change your holiday dates at a point where you have already paid your balance then (so the booking arrival is within 4/8 weeks) please take a look at our terms and conditions HERE


      Can I get a refund if I cancel my holiday or leave early?


        We do not operate a cancellation scheme; once payment has been received no refunds will be given on deposits or full balances.

        Holiday cancellation insurance is the responsibility of the customer.

        However depending on circumstances of cancellation we may allow you to transfer a portion of what you have paid towards another holiday within 12 months.

        Please CLICK HERE to view our full terms and conditions.

        Getting here

        Can I get to The Laurels using public transport? Train / Bus / Plane?


        There are a couple of options if you either don't drive or live a long way away and don't want to drive all the way to Cornwall.

        Train & Bus

        Our closest major train station is Bodmin Parkway which is just under 13.7 miles from The Laurels.

        From here you can then catch the number 11 bus to Padstow which stops right outside our door at the 'Hals Grave' stop. The total journey time by bus from the train station to us is about 50 minutes. You can view the bus timetable HERE

        Or you could get a taxi which would take about 30 minutes.

        Coach & Bus

        Major coaches (like National Express) stops at Bodmin General Station which is which is 10.5 miles from The Laurels.

        From here you can then catch the number 11 bus to Padstow which stops right outside our door at the 'Hals Grave' stop. The total journey time by bus from the train station to us is about 35 minutes. You can view the bus timetable HERE

        Or you could get a taxi which would take about 20 minutes.

        Fly & Hire a Car

        You can now fly into Cornwall from several UK and European airports. Newquay airport is only 10 miles from The Laurels.

        You can then get a taxi or hire a car from the airport and drive the short 15 minutes to us.

        Click HERE for information on airlines that fly to Newquay and HERE for information on hiring a car.

        Hire a car once you've arrived

        If you want to hire a car once you have arrived at The Laurels Europcar offer a delivery and collection car hire service click HERE for more information.

        Whats your post code?

        PL27 7JQ

        Here is our google maps location:

        What time can I check in?

        Touring & Camping arrivals are from 1pm

        Bell tent hire arrivals are from 3pm

        Cottage arrivals are from 4pm

        What's the latest time i can arrive?

        Touring & Camping guests must plan to arrive by 8pm (or dark if earlier).

        Cottage guests can arrive at anytime.

        Can I arrange an early check in if i want to travel through the night?


        Unfortunately we cannot pre-plan early arrivals as we do not have anywhere on site for you to park up and wait for departures to leave.

        If you want to travel in the early hours of the morning you would need to find somewhere else suitable to park up and wait. Cornwall Services on the A30 is a good option and only about 20 minutes from us but note as this is the only major services on the A30 with parking for caravans in the summer holidays it can become very busy and you might not get a space so make sure you have a back up plan.

        You can then phone the campsite from 9am to see if your pitch is ready - if it is and we have no pitch maintenance to do (grass cutting etc) then we are generally happy for you to head on over early.

        Alternatively you could book the pitch for the evening prior to your arrival and we would then allow you to arrive on site from 9am. We cannot allow any arrivals too early as this could disturb other guests.

        Local Area & getting around

        Can I catch the bus from the campsite?


        If you are travelling without a car or don't want to have to worry about parking catching the bus is a great option.

        We have 2 bus services that stop directly outside the front of The Laurels.

        The Number 11 from Padstow to Wadebridge (and then on to Bodmin & Plymouth) stops right at our entrance. When you view the timetable look at 'All Stops' for 'Hals Grave' - on the 'Major Stops' timetables we are a minute before / after 'Royal Cornwall Showground.

        There are no bus stop signs for the Hals Grave stop outside our entrance but it is an official 'Hail & Ride stop'. Wait in our layby for the bus to Wadebridge and for Padstow please cross the road at our entrance and wait on the grass verge opposite to flag the bus down once it has pulled off the main A39

        The  Number 95 from Bude to Newquay (via Wadebridge) stops outside The Laurels on the main A39. When you view he timetable look at 'All stops' for 'Padstow Fork' - on the 'Major Stops' timetables we are a minute before / after 'Royal Cornwall Showground.

        Click HERE for the number 11 bus timetable.

        Click HERE for the number 95 bus timetable.

        *This information and links are up to date as of April 2023 - if you find one of the links no longer work please drop us a message so we can get them updated*

        Can I hire a car locally?


        If you are in a motorhome and want to hire a car once you have arrived at The Laurels Europcar offer a delivery and collection car hire service click HERE for more information.

        Are there any pubs within walking distance?


        The Quarryman Inn is our closest pub and is 1.3 miles to walk to via the bridle path from the campsite then down the country lanes (see picture below). This is the only pub that is within walking distance directly from the campsite.

        Please note that during quieter months they may not be serving food every night so please check with them before you walk down for your dinner CLICK HERE for their website & contact details.

        Another great option close by especially if you have children is The Pickwick Inn, St Issey. They have a lovely beer garden with play park for the kids then you can either eat pub side or in their Olivers restaurant which has incredible views across the Camel Estuary. CLICK HERE for their website & online booking.

        The Pickwick is just 2.4 miles down the road from us so you can either drive, get a taxi or you can catch the bus into St Issey village (Stop on the timetable is 'St Issey, Ring O Bells) and then walk (o.5 miles / 10 minutes) up the country lane to The Pickwick.

        If you want more options for food / drink without having to drive or get a potentially expensive taxi then catching the bus into either Padstow or Wadebride is also a really good option.

        Apart from Sunday's and Bank holiday's the number 11 bus passes our door once an hour and runs until about 10pm (CLICK HERE for the number 11 timetable) our stops is 'Hals Grave' which is shown on the 'all stops' timetable. Or on the 'Major stops' timetable we are a minute before / after 'Royal Cornwall Showground'

        Is it easy to get a taxi?

        Yes, but.......

        You need to book taxi's well in advance and book your return journey especially in the summer as the taxi firms get VERY busy.

        CLICK HERE for a list of taxi numbers that service our area.

        Are there many dog friendly beaches close by?


        North Cornwall is well known for bring VERY dog friendly.

        We have 12 fantastic dog friendly beaches within a 10 mile radius of The Laurels.

        Some may have seasonal restrictions, CLICK HERE for our dog friendly beach guide.

        Can you recommend any great days out with the kids?


        Our obvious option is the beach!

        But if you are looking for a few different ideas in case its not beach weather when you are staying with us here are a few of our favorite days out with kids in tow and the distance to get to them from The Laurels:


        Is it possible to do a day trip to Lands End & The Minnack Theatre from The Laurels?


        It may look a very long way away on a map but Lands End is actually only 55 miles from The Laurels.

        As long as you are organised and set off early for a full day out it is definitely possible to explore Lands End, The Minnack Theatre and much more in a day.